Daily Note

Market MVP

Jul 2, 2019

Thomas Thornton

The MVP is about to go on vacation for July and he might be seeing a slowdown in playing time going forward.  No he didn't blow out of his knee or Achilles.  No he didn't sign a "Max contract for $150 million but needs to take a year off to heal"  We are not talking about basketball free agency craziness.  That's a conversation that is better for marking as a potential peak sentiment check for the NBA.  I'm talking about just a regular guy.  A sell side trader on a desk, wearing a Patagonia vest ordering Grub Hub for lunch.  He's cool, calm and takes very little risk for his clients since he runs a VWAP program all day and never cries.  He's the market MVP working on the buyback desk who now is into the stock buyback blackout window.  Have fun in Nantucket.  

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