Daily Note

Trade ideas

Oct 17, 2019

Thomas Thornton

  • Adding more short exposure
  • Considering all of the recent DeMark upside Countdown 13 exhaustion signals in Europe I'm adding short exposure with EWG Germany, GREK Greece, EWI Italy, EWT Taiwan. And in the US XLF Financials.
  • Within the US market, I am adding short exposure with NFLX and MSFT. Both need to break a little further lower and might be playing it cute.
  • I have stressed the proper sizing of 2.5% - 5% max on inception while using the stops set on the site. One can size it within those perimeters as I am no longer sizing trades. The details of the trades are on the site if you click the symbol on the trade ideas sheet. Click here to go to Trade Ideas page


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