Daily Note

Pollyanna On Steroids

Nov 19, 2019

Thomas Thornton

  • The markets Pollyanna after the Fed's "not QE" injection and "mid cycle" rate cuts is now a steroid induced hot mess
  • Seemingly no worries from the market when Home Depot misses for third quarter in a row and Kohl's horrible quarter
  • I have five S&P charts with DeMark upside sell Sequential Countdowns today - THIS IS IMPORTANT
  • The Nasdaq 100 has been led in the most narrow way I've ever seen.  Just two stocks attributing to nearly half the total gains
  • And Apple and Microsoft custom index has a cluster of upside DeMark Countdown 13's sell signals
  • Lot's of good stuff today including a potential bullish Bitcoin buy Countdown in play (but it has to move up within next couple days)
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