Daily Note

Ten Charts For Friday

Nov 1, 2019

Thomas Thornton

  • The Q3 earnings season is now winding down with a week to go
  • The attribution of the largest two stocks Apple and Microsoft has shown they continue to do the majority of the heavy lifting
  • These studies will enlighten you if you caught a case of the "FOMO's"
  • I show a more conservative DeMark signal on the S&P that works well in sideways chop markets.
  • VIX has a buy signal and the last time this triggered it went from 12 - 25 rather quickly
  • My quest for a noncorrelated low-risk long idea Coffee as seen on Bloomberg TV is now up 8% and still can go up more
  • The energy sector is up strong today but I'm quite ready to buy.  It will be a mega buying opportunity soon
  • If you are on trial to log on use your password and "profit" for the password
  • Have a great weekend
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