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Hedge Fund Telemetry offers an unparalleled look into financial markets.  With insights and recommendations from seasoned professionals, HFT combs through complex data to provide you with insights and actionable intelligence so you can invest with confidence.  Join today to gain access to a wealth of information and insights that can help you construct a winning portfolio.


People Who Currently Use Hedge Fund Telemetry

I was fortunate to have Tom as my trader for nearly 10 years. His ability to follow markets and note divergences and extremes across several asset classes was of tremendous  value .

He has since expanded his repertoire and now brings it to a broader audience through this new product.

David Ganek Founder Level Global Investors Hedge Fund

Thomas Thornton is a seasoned hedge fund trader who has seen it all.  He understands the markets and how stocks discount information.  His Hedge Fund Telemetry note is one of the best sentiment and technical daily communication newsletters I receive. 

Thornton’s ability to make calls with the ability to change his mind if proven wrong makes him one of my most valued market prognosticators.  I would highly recommend his service whether you are a trader, hedge fund PM or a long only PM. 

Edward Dowd OceanSquare Asset Management LLC

Tom Thornton is the real deal – he had a successful hedge fund career and now advises many of the world’s most famous hedge fund managers.

The best hedge fund managers know how important market sentiment is for trading and Tom is their go-to expert on the market sentiment analysis that matter.

Raoul Pal, CEO and co-founder of Real Vision Group and Publisher of The Global Macro Investor

I met Tom a little over a year ago and was immediately impressed with his thought process and how I had not seen the type of work he was doing before.  Since then, his is one of the only notes that I read on a consistent basis out of the hundreds of emails I receive daily.

Todd B. Quantitative Hedge Fund Manager

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