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Now is a good time to upgrade your investment tools and add to your investment toolbox. This year is going to be a lot more challenging than last year, while offering more opportunities. Hedge Fund Telemetry brings specialized investment content each day that you can integrate into your process. Hedge Fund Telemetry collects data, analyzes it, and provides you with actionable research for your portfolio.

  • All notes from Hedge Fund Telemetry including First Call, Daily Note, The Week Ahead, Currency and Commodity Weekly Notes
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    Level Global Investors Hedge Fund

    I was fortunate to have Tom as my trader for nearly 10 years. His ability to follow markets and note divergences and extremes across several asset classes was of tremendous  value.
    He has since expanded his repertoire and now brings it to a broader audience through this new product.

    ~David Ganek~

    Ocean Square Asset Management

    Thomas Thornton is a seasoned hedge fund trader who has seen it all.  He understands the markets and how stocks discount information. His Hedge Fund Telemetry note is one of the best sentiment and technical daily communication newsletters I receive.

    ~Edward Dowd~

    Real Vision Group

    Tom Thornton is the real deal – he had a successful hedge fund career and now advises many of the world’s most famous hedge fund managers. The best hedge fund managers know how important market sentiment is for trading and Tom is their go-to expert on the market sentiment analysis that matter.

    ~Raoul Pal~

    Best HFT daily

    I have to admit I spent a bit more time reading your piece today as there was so much good
    stuff in it. Best HFT daily so far!

    Great commentary today

    Great commentary today! I don’t usually follow the charts as I’m not a short-term (or even swing) trader, but for a “technical” guy you write really terrific fundamental things… Thanks

    Retail Advisor/RIA

    I am a retail Advisor/RIA for past 20 years and at times has been extremely tough for me but I truly love the markets and greatly respect the responsibility my clients bestow on me. I have learned a lot and grown the most over the past couple years, a big part has been because of your service and Real Vision. Making available amazing data, research, thinking….etc for a price I can afford and very fair

    Market commentary

    I wanted to thank you for your product. I have spent around 10 years in Commodities across banks and trade houses and this is by far the best piece of market commentary I have seen. I was familiar with Demark before your product but the way you incorporate it into your strategy has left me with a lot of food for thought.


    I just wanted to say thanks for the great call on the GBP a few days ago. I was short some pairs and getting concerned and then saw your note on the red 13 and sentiment and decided to hang with the trades. Nice reversal! I really appreciate your service and that you cover the waterfront from stocks, to currencies, bonds and commodities. I like to take trades in all these areas and nobody else I know is as helpful as you are on a consistent basis, day in and day out. That’s a big deal for a small investor like me. Thank you!

    Private Investor

    I would like to congratulate you on the offering you have built. I find it extremely valuable and as a private investor I am sure that it will become one of my go-to services.

    Private Investor

    I would like to congratulate you on the offering you have built. I find it extremely valuable and as a private investor I am sure that it will become one of my go-to services.

    Good Stuff!

    Tom nice call Bitcoin. You’ve had some solid calls since I initially saw your Tweets and subsequently subscribed to your service. Good Stuff!

    Keep up the great work!

    Thanks for you for your continued great council. My clients (met) equity exposure was 12%, with 30% cash. We avoided the biggest downside move in my career. Keep up the great work!