Aug 2, 2021

Thomas Thornton


SymbolCompanyEarnings Call TimeEPS EstimateReported EPSSurprise(%)
BSMBlack Stone Minerals LPAfter Market Close0.12
BCCBoise Cascade CoAfter Market Close4.83
CINRCiner Resources LPAfter Market Close
CVICVR Energy IncAfter Market Close-0.6
WMBWilliams Companies IncAfter Market Close0.28
CLRContinental Resources IncAfter Market Close0.53
UANCVR Partners LPAfter Market Close
MGYMagnolia Oil & Gas CorpAfter Market Close0.4
FOEFerro CorpTime Not Supplied0.27
EMNEastman Chemical CoAfter Market Close2.33
PXDPioneer Natural Resources CoAfter Market Close2.59
DWSNDawson Geophysical CoBefore Market Open
USCRUS Concrete IncBefore Market Open0.66
MOSMosaic CoAfter Market Close0.98
GRAW R Grace & CoTAS0.95
LPGDorian LPG LtdBefore Market Open0.24
FANGDiamondback Energy IncAfter Market Close2.17
JRNGFJourney Energy IncAfter Market Close
UUUUEnergy Fuels IncAfter Market Close
VNOMViper Energy Partners LPAfter Market Close0.1
ERLFFEntree Resources LtdTime Not Supplied
KEGXKey Energy Services IncTime Not Supplied
SGUStar Group LPAfter Market Close
GPREGreen Plains IncBefore Market Open-0.21
GBRRFGabriel Resources LtdTAS
TDWTidewater IncTime Not Supplied-0.51
UNVRUnivar Solutions IncAfter Market Close0.47
METCRamaco Resources IncAfter Market Close0.07
TTITetra Technologies IncAfter Market Close0.01
IPIIntrepid Potash IncAfter Market Close0.42
RIGTransocean LtdAfter Market Close-0.16


FPLSF5N Plus IncAfter Market Close
PSXPhillips 66Before Market Open0.6
PSXPPhillips 66 Partners LPBefore Market Open0.94
RYAMRayonier Advanced Materials IncAfter Market Close0.74
ALTOAlto Ingredients IncAfter Market Close0.15
BKIRFBlack Iron IncAfter Market Close
BKEPBlueknight Energy Partners LPAfter Market Close
BRYBerry Corporation (Bry)After Market Close-0.08
BASXBasic Energy Services IncTime Not Supplied
CPECallon Petroleum CoAfter Market Close1.49
CDEVCentennial Resource Development IncAfter Market Close0.06
WLKPWestlake Chemical Partners LPBefore Market Open0.54
GLTGlatfelter CorpBefore Market Open0.14
IOION Geophysical CorpAfter Market Close-0.73
PVACPenn Virginia CorpAfter Market Close0.91
USACUSA Compression Partners LPBefore Market Open-0.1
OXYOccidental Petroleum CorpAfter Market Close0.03
ETRNEquitrans Midstream CorpBefore Market Open0.18
CEIXCONSOL Energy IncBefore Market Open0.3
FMCFMC CorpAfter Market Close1.78
DVNDevon Energy CorpAfter Market Close0.52
AUMNGolden Minerals CoTAS
CBGZFCabral Gold IncAfter Market Close
MTRNMaterion CorpTime Not Supplied0.75
CRKComstock Resources IncAfter Market Close0.17
WLKWestlake Chemical CorpBefore Market Open3.52
VIZSFVizsla Silver CorpAfter Market Close
KWRQuaker Chemical CorpAfter Market Close1.41
PUMPProPetro Holding CorpAfter Market Close-0.06
COPConocoPhillipsBefore Market Open1.09
PIFYFPine Cliff Energy LtdAfter Market Close
DDDuPont de Nemours IncBefore Market Open0.95
DKDelek US Holdings IncAfter Market Close-0.96
DKLDelek Logistics Partners LPAfter Market Close1
GTEGran Tierra Energy IncAfter Market Close-0.07
GBNXFGibson Energy IncAfter Market Close
SDSandRidge Energy IncBefore Market Open
CDDRFHeadwater Exploration IncAfter Market Close
ENLCEnLink Midstream LLCAfter Market Close0.01
WTTRSelect Energy Services IncAfter Market Close-0.12
TALOTalos Energy IncAfter Market Close-0.06
HEPHolly Energy Partners LPBefore Market Open0.48
ETEnergy Transfer LPAfter Market Close0.26
FIFranks International NVBefore Market Open-0.03
GDRZFGold Reserve IncTime Not Supplied
PAGPPlains GP Holdings LPAfter Market Close0.2
NCSMNCS Multistage Holdings IncBefore Market Open-2.3
USWSUS Well Services IncAfter Market Close-0.07
WTIW&T Offshore IncAfter Market Close0.07
TELLTellurian IncTime Not Supplied-0.05
IOSPInnospec IncAfter Market Close0.89
OASOasis Petroleum IncAfter Market Close2.4
OKEONEOK IncAfter Market Close0.75
SNDSmart Sand IncAfter Market Close-0.1
MLRKFMillrock Resources IncAfter Market Close
NRNewpark Resources IncAfter Market Close-0.06
KROKronos Worldwide IncTime Not Supplied0.27
OMPOasis Midstream Partners LPAfter Market Close0.71
SUNSunoco LPBefore Market Open0.96
VNTRVenator Materials PLCTime Not Supplied0.03
TXTernium SAAfter Market Close3.4


AVDAmerican Vanguard CorpAfter Market Close0.12
ALTMAltus Midstream CoAfter Market Close1.1
CENXCentury Aluminum CoAfter Market Close-0.22
ALBAlbemarle CorpAfter Market Close0.84
AMPYAmplify Energy CorpAfter Market Close0.18
MNRLBrigham Minerals IncAfter Market Close0.19
BTGB2Gold CorpAfter Market Close
PLMPolymet Mining CorpAfter Market Close
FLMNFalcon Minerals CorpAfter Market Close0.07
NESRNational Energy Services Reunited CorpBefore Market Open0.18
CMPCompass Minerals International IncAfter Market Close-0.06
MROMarathon Oil CorpAfter Market Close0.17
EROEro Copper CorpAfter Market Close
ICDIndependence Contract Drilling IncBefore Market Open-2.5
CWEGFCrew Energy IncAfter Market Close
MPCMarathon Petroleum CorpBefore Market Open0.39
NEXTNextDecade CorpTAS-0.07
CQPCheniere Energy Partners LPBefore Market Open0.61
CLWClearwater Paper CorpAfter Market Close-1.48
HFCHollyFrontier CorpBefore Market Open0.61
VMCVulcan Materials CoBefore Market Open1.65
SMGScotts Miracle-Gro CoBefore Market Open3.4
HCCWarrior Met Coal IncAfter Market Close-0.18
TREVFTrevali Mining CorpAfter Market Close
EQXEquinox Gold CorpAfter Market Close
NEVDFNevada Copper CorpAfter Market Close
WLLWhiting Petroleum CorpAfter Market Close2.2
HYMCHycroft Mining Holding CorporationBefore Market Open-0.26
CXBMFCalibre Mining CorpAfter Market Close
IAGIamgold CorpAfter Market Close
DCPDCP Midstream LPAfter Market Close0.56
DMLPDorchester Minerals LPTime Not Supplied
MPVDFMountain Province Diamonds IncAfter Market Close
EOGEOG Resources IncAfter Market Close1.56
ENRFFEnerflex LtdTime Not Supplied
ENBLEnable Midstream Partners LPBefore Market Open0.18
REGIRenewable Energy Group IncAfter Market Close1.35
GELGenesis Energy LPBefore Market Open-0.03
PDCEPDC Energy IncAfter Market Close1.21
NUVSFNuvista Energy LtdBefore Market Open
MDUMdu Resources Group IncAfter Market Close0.53
GPRKGeoPark LtdAfter Market Close0.07
HDSNHudson Technologies IncAfter Market Close0.06
PARRPar Pacific Holdings IncBefore Market Open-0.6
MGPIMGP Ingredients IncBefore Market Open0.59
PARXFParex Resources IncAfter Market Close
SBOWSilverBow Resources IncAfter Market Close1.37
DNOWNOW IncBefore Market Open-0.01
SSRMSSR Mining IncBefore Market Open
VVVValvoline IncAfter Market Close0.45
WWRWestwater Resources IncBefore Market Open
VHIValhi IncTime Not Supplied
NCNACCO Industries IncAfter Market Close
SWMSchweitzer-Mauduit International IncAfter Market Close0.79
SUMSummit Materials IncAfter Market Close0.52
LPILaredo Petroleum IncAfter Market Close2.5
NEXNextier Oilfield Solutions IncAfter Market Close-0.15
MPLXMPLX LPBefore Market Open0.67
PRMRFParamount Resources LtdBefore Market Open
TGBTaseko Mines LtdAfter Market Close
RTLRRattler Midstream LPAfter Market Close0.25
TRECTrecora ResourcesAfter Market Close
TSETrinseo SAAfter Market Close3.29


GCPGCP Applied Technologies IncTAS0.21
NOGNorthern Oil and Gas IncBefore Market Open0.7
AMRSAmyris IncBefore Market Open-0.13
BPMPBp Midstream Partners LPBefore Market Open0.39
LTHMLivent CorpAfter Market Close0.02
XECCimarex Energy CoBefore Market Open1.84
CTVACorteva IncAfter Market Close1.26
PKIUFParkland CorpAfter Market Close
MURMurphy Oil CorpBefore Market Open0.35
HLHecla Mining CoBefore Market Open0.06
ENSVEnservco CorpAfter Market Close-0.18
KEYUFKeyera CorpBefore Market Open
LNGCheniere Energy IncBefore Market Open0.94
IFSPFInterfor CorpAfter Market Close
PBAPembina Pipeline CorpAfter Market Close
DNNDenison Mines CorpAfter Market Close
TRGPTarga Resources CorpBefore Market Open0.27
LIFZFLabrador Iron Ore Royalty CorpAfter Market Close
GDPGoodrich Petroleum CorpBefore Market Open0.5
GEOSGeospace Technologies CorpAfter Market Close
CADNFCascades IncBefore Market Open
TPLTexas Pacific Land CorpAfter Market Close7.37
TKTeekay CorpBefore Market Open
CNQCanadian Natural Resources LtdBefore Market Open
UFSDomtar CorpBefore Market Open1.28
NFGNational Fuel Gas CoAfter Market Close0.86
CLNEClean Energy Fuels CorpAfter Market Close
CRCCalifornia Resources CorpAfter Market Close
TGATransGlobe Energy CorpBefore Market Open
CNNEFCanacol Energy LtdAfter Market Close
CTXXFCEMATRIX CorpBefore Market Open
ERFEnerplus CorpAfter Market Close
TMSTTimkenSteel CorpAfter Market Close0.62
OECOrion Engineered Carbons SAAfter Market Close0.5
ELRFFEastern Platinum LtdBefore Market Open
NSNuStar Energy LPBefore Market Open0.2
ESTEEarthstone Energy IncTime Not Supplied0.17
NINENine Energy Service IncTime Not Supplied-0.58
PFIEProfire Energy IncTime Not Supplied-0.01
FTSIFTS International IncAfter Market Close-0.12
IFFInternational Flavors & Fragrances IncAfter Market Close1.49
WFSTFWestern Forest Products IncAfter Market Close
PQGPQ Group Holdings IncBefore Market Open0.07
TORXFTorex Gold Resources IncBefore Market Open
MUXMcEwen Mining IncAfter Market Close-0.01
NPNeenah IncBefore Market Open0.63
STNGScorpio Tankers IncBefore Market Open-0.81
SVMSilvercorp Metals IncAfter Market Close
IPPLFInter Pipeline LtdAfter Market Close
PHXPHX Minerals IncAfter Market Close0.04
ZEUSOlympic Steel IncAfter Market Close1.93
KRPKimbell Royalty Partners LPBefore Market Open0.09
TNKTeekay Tankers LtdBefore Market Open-0.99
SMLPSummit Midstream Partners LPBefore Market Open0.22
TGPTeekay LNG Partners LPBefore Market Open0.63
SRLPSprague Resources LPBefore Market Open-0.25
PERSSandRidge Permian TrustBefore Market Open
PVLPermianville Royalty TrustAfter Market Close


AMRAlpha Metallurgical Resources IncBefore Market Open-0.77
CLMTCalumet Specialty Products Partners LPBefore Market Open-0.49
VRSVerso CorpBefore Market Open-0.02
FETForum Energy Technologies IncBefore Market Open-1.75
ESVIFEnsign Energy Services IncBefore Market Open
OSGOverseas Shipholding Group IncBefore Market Open
GLPGlobal Partners LPBefore Market Open0.52
KOPKoppers Holdings IncBefore Market Open1.36
NRPNatural Resource Partners LPBefore Market Open