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Hedge Fund Telemetry

Tom Thornton

Former portfolio manager, senior trader, and technical analyst with Level Global Investors and Galileo Capital. Tom has written a daily market note for a select group of hedge fund managers for years and now has offered it for all investors with Hedge Fund Telemetry. His long term focus on sentiment indicators borders on the obsessive.

Notes And Analysis
Daily notes

A midday email that covers US, European, Asian indexes.

First Call

A brief email at 8am with the most important overnight news and catalysts for the coming day. 

The Week Ahead

A Sunday email with all of the relevant catalysts in the coming week.

Market Insight
Daily Sentiment Charts

Interactive charts including US, Europe, Asian equity indexes, bonds, currencies, commodities, and volatility. Updated daily.

Market Convictions

Brief updates providing a broad, actionable outlook on segments of the market.

Trade Ideas

Updated and annotated trade ideas relevant to current market conditions.

Sector Notes – Energy

Tracy Shuchart

Tracy started career in finance at the Chicago Board of Trade. There, she started as a futures, options, and managed futures broker before moving on to managing a trade desk on the trade floor, where her firm strategized and executed on behalf of large hedge funds and global banks in energy, agriculture, softs, livestock, metals, FX futures, bonds and federal funds markets.


Weekly notes providing detailed energy sector insight. Timely updates providing tradable market intelligence.