Founder of Hedgefund Telemetry

Former portfolio manager, senior trader, and technical analyst with Level Global Investors and Galileo Capital. Tom has written a daily market note for a select group of hedge fund managers for years and now has offered it for all investors with Hedge Fund Telemetry. His long term focus on sentiment indicators borders on the obsessive. Our growing team at Hedge Fund Telemetry is comprised of current and former buy and sell side individuals.

Our goal is to add something to one’s own process through our lengthy market experience. We are known for our work with market sentiment as well various technical indicators we use each day in our risk management process.


Hedge Fund Telemetry brings specialized investment content to your fingertips. With market sentiment, macro daily insights utilizing DeMark Indicators, sector rotations, and long and short trade ideas with professional commentary and more. Hedge Fund Telemetry collects data, analyzes it, and provides you with actionable research for your portfolio. You will have unprecedented access to customized research and information from well-known firms and figures in the industry. Our goal is to bring you inside the hedge fund world and offer you unique perspectives and insights unlike anything else coming from Wall Street.

Hedge Fund Telemetry was first conceived with inspiration from Tom’s lifelong passion following Formula 1 racing. In the early 90’s, Formula 1 teams started to equip cars with sensors on every imaginable component and data was relayed wirelessly through telemetry to the pits to analyze and then instructions from the pits were relayed back to the driver so he could make changes to find the optimal balance for the car. It has always been the same way for Tom, as a senior trader at his hedge fund, he would get in early, collect data from many sources, analyze that data, and then communicate information out to his firm so his team could properly balance the firm’s portfolio. It’s now our goal to relay that same type of information so that one can also gain that edge.

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The best hedge fund managers know how important market sentiment is for trading and Tom is their go-to expert on the market sentiment analysis that matters.