LAtest Updates

  • First Call September 23, 2020 September 23, 2020
    • S&P futures up 0.5% off best levels
    • Asian markets mixed overnight. Australia outperformed and China saw moderate gains while Japan was slightly lower on its return from holiday.
    • European stocks rallying with most of the major bourses up over 1.5%.
    • Treasuries little changed to a bit weaker.
    • Dollar slightly firmer against the euro and yen.
    • Gold down 0.8%.
    • WTI crude up 0.2%.
  • Pavlov Dog days September 22, 2020
    • Breadth hasn't been great in the last few days while the indexes try and lift
    • We know what is going on
    • Updates on all Sector ETF's with DeMark and Erlanger ETS charts - spoiler alert:  They remain on sell signals
    • Tomorrow at 11 am ET I'm doing a webinar with the link on the note
    • I'm on Bloomberg TV today at 3:15 pm ET with Abigail Doolittle and I have to prepare an options trade
    • I'm taking off some recent Trade Ideas
  • Catalyst Rich Environment September 21, 2020
    • This is a catalyst rich environment and not the good catalysts
    • Today's note is important with a lot of things moving including many global indexes, currencies, and commodities
    • Bonds are actually rather quiet
    • I'm working on a market webinar for Wednesday



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First Call
  • A brief pre market note to get you quickly up to speed on what happened overnight and to start your day up to speed
  • The top overnight news and the day’s catalysts you will need to be watching each day
  • A market snapshot of US futures, Foreign equity markets, US Government Bonds, Currencies, and Commodities
  • Key Market Sentiment
  • S&P and Nasdaq Futures charts with several time frames
  • Pre-market movers in the US
  • US Economic data catalysts
Daily Note
  • A midday note that covers macro markets with an emphasis on US, European, and Asian equity markets
  • Focus stocks, sector ETFs and markets to watch using various technical indicators incorporating DeMark Analytics and Erlanger Research
  • DeMark observations of interesting buy and sell signals within various markets and ETFs incorporating daily, weekly, and monthly time periods
  • An updated timely look at bond markets, currencies, and commodities
  • Daily sentiment charts with the most important markets
  • The Hedge Fund Telemetry Trade Ideas Sheet – Long and Short actionable ideas with US stocks and ETFs
  • Market Convictions: current market positioning on most important markets and sector ETFs
  • Sector and Factor rotation using proprietary models and monitors
  • Often irreverent, always honest, usually contrarian, and ahead of what’s coming next
sentiment charts
  • The best interactive charts incorporating the Daily Sentiment Index data
  • 45  different markets including global equity, bond, currency, and commodity markets
  • Updated daily shortly after the US market close
  • Highly actionable and effective in helping one manage risk
the week ahead
  • A straight to the point weekend note that lays out everything to prepare you for the week ahead
  • The most important catalysts and focus
  • Key market sentiment overview
  • Earnings, conferences, and economic reports
Market Convictions
  • Current market positioning on most important markets and sector ETFs
  • Up to date bullish or bearish bias with just a few lines of what exactly we see ahead
Trade Ideas
  • Actionable long and short ideas focused on US equity markets and major most liquid ETFs
  • Email alerts with new ideas and thesis at the time of inception and when closing a position
Webinars and ChartBook
  • Webinars include updated real time live analysis over specific markets and sometimes Tom’s Daily Note live
  • Monthly and sometimes bi monthly overview with Erlanger Research to discuss current short interest data
  • Educational webinars to discuss how to use a particular market indicator such as the DeMark Sequential or how to interpret and use the Daily Sentiment Index data
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Institutional Options

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  • A joint venture with a leading NYC boutique institutional options and derivative firm
  • Several notes per day with market commentary, option ideas, and a ton of useful flows including:
    • Bullish and bearish institutional large standout option trades with single name, macro, and ETFs
    • Signal name and ETF unusual options volumes
    • Usually at least two specific trade ideas each day
    • Upcoming earnings option implied moves and historical moves
    • At least one webinar a month that might be educational or to highlight ideas and discuss markets
    • Notable 30 day vol changes
    • Changes in ETF skew updated each day
Sector Notes

Separate subscription required.  Discounted rate with a current Hedge Fund Telemetry subscription (Coming Soon)

  • Experienced hedge fund sector specialists with a weekly comprehensive note out each Sunday
  • Occasional intra week notes from the sector specialists are expected
  • Following the model of Tom’s hedge fund each sector analyst will write a brief summary of the past week’s most important news within his/her sector and what to expect for the coming week including all catalysts and how to trade/position in advance
  • There will be a lot of specific trade ideas within each sector with a deep dive into the thesis for the trades
  • This is an ideal research note for investors looking to gain an edge on sometimes short term but mostly intermediate term fundamental long and short opportunities
  • Offered as a full research suite including energy, technology, consumer, healthcare, financials, and industrial sector notes; an a la carte per sector price structure is also available
  • Higher tier one on one access to analysts will be available too

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