Daily Note

A midday email that covers US, European, Asian indexes. Stock trade ideas. Market sentiment charts and focus stocks to watch using various technical indicators. Erlanger short interest highlights. This is a comprehensive note that covers quite a lot of territory.

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Do Not Be A Tanya

Do Not Be A Tanya

  • Equity indexes are rising sharply led by financials… yeah financials!
  • Nasdaq is lagging with a weak consumer discretionary sector
  • Thoughts on monetizing gains with a pathetic story
  • I have some comments on crypto supporters
  • Adding some more long exposure on the Trade Ideas Sheet
  • A lot on this note so don’t miss it
When Hawks Buy

When Hawks Buy

  • Another strong upside day with momentum starting to increase
  • Several changes to the Trade Ideas sheet
  • The Bank of America fund managers survey shows fund managers are VERY BEARISH