First Call

A brief email at 8am with the most important overnight news and catalysts for the coming day. A snapshot to get you up to speed on US Futures, Asian, European indexes, Bond pricing and Commodity pricing.

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First Call September 23, 2022

First Call September 23, 2022

  • US equity markets are down in the premarket
  • Global bond markets are getting disorderly – British Gilts move are extreme.
  • I am covering my small COST short idea I put on yesterday with a moderate gain
First Call September 22, 2022

First Call September 22, 2022

  • US equity futures are mostly unchanged after whippy action after the Fed
  • A lot of central bank actions moving currencies – I have extra currency charts on today’s note
  • Other global indexes have downside DeMark Countdown’s in progress like the S&P and Nasdaq 100