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Robinhood Risks

Robinhood Risks

  • I’m adding Robinhood as a new short idea today
  • Robinhood has some significant negative issues going forward
  • Goldman Sachs derivatives put out some stunning charts today you need to see
  • I’m on Real Vision’s Daily Briefing at 4 pm ET today – you can watch on YouTube
Historical Sentiment Peaks

Historical Sentiment Peaks

  • A lot of this note today includes a historical look at when S&P bullish sentiment has been over 90%
  • And I have a lot of charts of sectors and stocks 
  • The market is tired with RSI’s very overbought
  • Don’t miss reading this note
We’re Still Dancing

We’re Still Dancing

  • Citigroup’s past CEO famously said “We’re still dancing”
  • I have some thoughts about then and now
  • No trade idea changes
  • A look at all the major US Sector ETF’s
Weird Day

Weird Day

  • Today is a weird day with a lot of bizarre stuff going on in the markets and the world.
  • I’m going with a “Lightning Round” style note today.
  • I’m on Real Vision’s Daily Briefing today at 4 pm ET. You can watch it on YouTube or the Real Vision site.
  • A few Trade Idea changes
Supply Chain

Supply Chain

  • The supply chain has been mentioned on every conference call this earnings season
  • Back with a long report today with a lot of good charts including some from today’s Bank of America fund managers survey
  • I preview NFLX, VZ, and TSLA ahead of earnings with some thoughts
  • Adding some ideas to the Trade Ideas sheet