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Mid Morning March 3, 2023

Mid Morning March 3, 2023

  • Markets are ignoring stronger economic data again
  • No new trade ideas as several new ideas remain actionable
  • A great look at the history of the “Soft Landing” narrative.  
The Next Warren Buffett

The Next Warren Buffett

  • The next Warren Buffett?  
  • Save this first part and skip to the Trade Ideas 
  • Fast markets, so making some changes to the Trade Ideas Sheet
  • As crypto implodes
Future Sellers Update

Future Sellers Update

  • Remember all of the inflows from 2021?
  • Retail investors have not capitulated 
  • Hedge funds have lowered leverage to the lowest levels in over 15 years
  • This is quite different from previous bear markets and possibly stalling a VIX spike
  • Where is the money going?  And what to expect with the “future sellers”
  • Taking off one long idea