Daily Note

The Silence of the Bears

Jul 11, 2019

Thomas Thornton

The Silence Of The Lambs was a terrifying movie but it's also seemingly terrifying right now for bears but is it?  Just like when Hannibal Lecter when in his cell said to Agent Starling "Closer Clarice, CLOSER..." I believe we are moving closer to a peak in the equity market with bullish sentiment hovering in the extreme zone with 80%+ bulls and just days away from DeMark daily time frame upside exhaustion signals.  Some could start triggering tomorrow and many next week.  One of the things I do is get people prepared well in advance with the build up using all the indicators that do a decent job near tops and bottoms too.  (In December, I started covering my massive short weighting and went long a few days right before the exact low).  

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