Daily Note

Blind Items

Nov 15, 2019

Thomas Thornton

  • What if there was a mutual fund that when they were received redemptions requests they didn't sell assets but were borrowing with their prime brokers and increasing their leverage to pay the redemptions because they didn't want to hurt performance because a lot of their assets were illiquid?
  • I'm not going to mention who I heard is rumored to be doing this but it made me think perhaps this is being done by more mutual funds and hedge funds
  • And they are doing this at all time highs and with other global markets doing well!!  
  • This type of behavior is not illegal but raises leverage risk and is normally seen when markets are on lows
  • Making a directional call on the USD and Euro.  And this weekend for Bitcoin is pretty important if it will bounce
  • Have a great weekend and thank you for all your support


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