First Call

First Call April 14, 2021

Apr 14, 2021

Thomas Thornton

  • S&P futures up 0.1% after US equities put in a mixed performance on Tuesday with the focus on the continued outperformance of growth and momentum.
  • SPECIAL NOTICE: Friday we are doing a special Zoom call with Julian Brigden to discuss inflation expectations, the Fed, Bond and Equity markets, and more. DETAILS FOR CALL ON BOTTOM OF THIS NOTE. THERE WILL NOT BE A REPLAY AND NO NOTE PUBLISHED ON FRIDAY
  • Coinbase IPO today and I will be a buyer with a "marker" small sized long today - thoughts on note
  • ALSO, we will soon be publishing Bitcoin bullish sentiment which is today at 88%
  • Covering DBA short with new Erlanger ETS buy signal on open
  • NYSE FANG+ Index gained for a 12th straight session and is up ~16% over that timeframe.
  • Treasuries little changed after shaking off the hotter CPI readings in the prior session with help from a strong bond auction.
  • The Dollar a bit weaker on the major crosses.
  • Gold down 0.1%.
  • WTI crude up 1.7%.
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