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Critical Levels

Critical Levels

  • The markets, sentiment, internals, and credit spreads are at critical levels
  • I’m going over a lot on today’s note and making some changes on the Trade Ideas sheet
  • Covering TGT and XLB both with gains and adding a new long and short
  • And let’s not get piggish on our HOOD short and puts, take some gains


  • Today’s note is a must-read as I did a focus on the US sector ETFs and equal-weight sector ETFs on a relative basis
  • Next Tuesday we are doing a webinar with Tracy Shuchart our Energy and Materials Sector Notes analyst – details on the note
  • We hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving.  Our next notes will be out on Sunday.
Commodity Weekly November 22, 2021

Commodity Weekly November 22, 2021

  • Here’s the first Hedge Fund Telemetry Commodity Weekly
  • Many subscribers asked for it so here it is
  • Check it out and let us know what you think
  • Thank you for all your support